Dave Kratzer – Craftsman

Dave is a multi-skilled craftsman who has had a long and varied career. He has worked as a draftsman, photographer, aircraft & powerplant mechanic, business owner, charter pilot, flight instructor, cabinet maker, carpenter, furniture builder, general contractor, computer programmer, IT manager and recruiter. Dave is now retired and is enjoying his workshop and artistic pursuits.



Being of a very practical bent Dave’s work has always been done to a high standard and has mostly been of a utility nature. In his youth Dave’s appreciation of art had been minimal at best.Later in life he has sensed a change in outlook and a desire to develop his artistic side. Wood turning and wood carving have captured his imagination as mediums in which he can combine his technical skills with art and utility.



The bulk of Dave’s current work is done on a wood lathe and consists of many forms both utility and artistic. Dave loves to bring out the natural beauty of a piece of wood that would otherwise be in a land fill or fireplace. He has not specialized on any one form or product as he is still exploring the possibilities and variety of objects that can be produced using a wood lathe. He enjoys the process as much if not more than the end product.



Dave prefers to work with “found wood”, usually freshly cut but sometimes old and weathered. An object made with green wood has a mind of its own and will warp and distort as it dries. This drying and warping frequently enhances the appearance and life of the object. Other times this distortion makes the piece downright ugly and useless. That is part of the surprise and adventure. An object made with old and weathered wood has a patina and character that is unique and unachievable by any other means. Each piece of wood is unique and is a joy to put on the lathe and discover what beauty and surprise God has hidden within.



Dave works from a small home studio in Evendale, OH. He has studied under several well known wood turners including: Clay Foster, Jennifer Shirley, John Jordan, Mike Mahoney, Nick Cook, Lyle Jamison and Chris Ramsey. Dave has received prize ribbons and high praise for his work from fellow turners in the Ohio Valley Wood Turners Guild http://ovwg.org. Some of his work can be seen on their web site in the Photo Albums page.


We hope you find a little something in Dave’s work that pleases you.

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